How It Works

Unlike a consignment shop, we are different in that we pay you immediately for items that we would like to purchase. We buy and then resell your better brand name, “gently-used”, Women’s clothing and accessories-even designer handbags!

We buy all day* (up until an hour before closing). No appointment needed!

What we look for:

  • Current women’s fashions-Items last sold in the mall in the past 1-3 years
  • Women’s mall and designer brands
  • Gently used or like new condition
  • Women’s clothing, shoe, accessories, and designer handbags (we do not purchase suites or formal wear)

How it works:

  1. Select your items to sell- We ask that the items be freshly laundered and brought in a basket or reusable bag. (No plastic bags or hangers, please) Bring up to two large containers or 5 small totes.
  2. Drop off- Once we check you in we will go through your items and select the ones that we would like to purchase from you. We will then enter those items into our computer system and it will price it based upon brand, style, and condition. We price items about 70% off of the original retail, and then we will offer you about 1/4 of that. (A driver’s license will be needed in order to process your buy)
  3. Pick up- We will review with you the items that we would like to purchase. Once you accept the offer you can select to receive CASH on the SPOT or 25% more in store credit!

UPDATE: Clients, due to the effects of covid, we are only able to offer store credit at this time. We will continue to offer cash for designer fragrances and handbags.

Thank you for your understanding and we are all in this together.

We look forward to seeing you!