Maternity Style for Less

Few instances in life do you wear an entirely new wardrobe for as little time as when you are pregnant. To the woman carrying the baby, maternity may seem like an eternity, but in real time, it’s not even nine months that you’ll need specially designed clothes to fit your rapidly changing body. (Of course, it’s also normal to need some in-between clothes after the bouncing baby arrives, but that’s a topic for another time.)

Just because, in the grand scheme of things, being pregnant is a mere blip on the radar screen doesn’t mean that women don’t want to feel fashionable, professional, and comfortable during this incredibly important and exciting time. And it’s possible to fill your closet with stylish maternity clothes without having to dip into baby’s college fund.

Clothes Mentor model wearing long-sleeve red maternity shirt and baggy red knitted hat

At Clothes Mentor, you can find gently used name-brand items in a wide range of maternity sizes for exceptionally low prices. And like everything else in the store, the maternity options are high in quality and always trendy. Clothes Mentor carries brands such as Bump Couture, Duo Maternity, Oh! Mamma, and many more.

And after the little nugget arrives, don’t store your barely worn maternity items where they’ll likely collect dust or go out of style by the time the next bun is in the oven. Instead, sell them to your local Clothes Mentor for some extra cash (AKA diaper money) right then and there.

Clothes Mentor model wearing distressed denim shirt over a dark-grey shirt and grey denim pants, she is laying in the grass holding a smiling baby above her