How To Audit Your Closet

clothes mentor closet with hangers

Sara Rogers, trend expert for the Mall of America and wardrobe consultant, mentioned Clothes Mentor in a recent Facebook post about how to audit your closet. Check out the post below.


By Sara Rogers

Step A.

Place your clothing into these 3 piles:

  1. Clothes you love, feel confident in, and wear it all the time
  2. Clothes you haven’t worn or they don’t feel like you right now
  3. This is the pile of clothes that you will wear, however you either need to send it to alterations or you don’t have something to go with it. (If you don’t have the item you need to go with it write that item down on a shopping list.)

Step B.

Put the 1’s back in your closet.

Give the 2’s away, consign, Clothes Mentor, etc.

Put the 3’s in the back of your closet or another storage area (until you find the missing pieces to go with it.)

Step C.

Style the 1’s in your closet. Do you have the right shoes, accessories and outerwear to make that outfit feel stylish – if not put those needed items on your shopping list.

If you need help with this step don’t forget about my Shop Your Own Closet service. ( It’s listed as a three hour service on my website, however I’ve been working with girls that only want two hours and we’ve accomplished quite a bit during that time. One of my testimonials stated, “Thanks so much for your help – I have 50+ new outfits!” She also followed up with, “I am getting so many compliments and you get at least 80% of the credit!”

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