Halloween Outfits You Can Wear to Work

Check out some amazing work-appropriate Halloween outfits from Clothes Mentor created by The Cheerful Closet blog. Such perfect ideas! Click here to see even more photos and tips on The Cheerful Closet.

clothes mentor halloween outfits for work
Photo courtesy The Cheerful Closet.

CM Remix: Work-Appropriate Halloween

As a kid, Halloween was often a compromise. Every once in a while we would get a store-bought costume, but more often, we got creative and assembled our own looks. Additionally, living in Kansas, it was usually pretty cold by October 31, so even if we had a great costume planned out, sometimes we had to make last-minute changes based on the weather. I remember one particularly cold year where our we had to discard our best-laid plans and go as Eskimos instead so we could layer up.

Grown-ups have to compromise on Halloween, too. Sure, you might have fun party plans with your friends for Halloween, and you can obviously wear whatever you want to that! But if your office lets you dress up for Halloween, there are usually some unsaid restrictions on what is or is not appropriate. Let’s just say my Lego costume from freshman year (where I literally wore a cardboard box that I painted to look like a Lego) would probably not fly in a professional setting.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways that you can spin some classic Halloween looks to be office-ready! In this post, you’ll see how I styled four fun costumes using professional pieces from Clothes Mentor. They consist of regular office looks with simple props available at any Halloween/party store (I got mine from Savers!)

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