Wedding Shower Outfit Inspiration for the Bride to Be

Earlier this spring, I wrote a blog post about what to wear as a guest to a wedding, but what do you wear to bridal showers if you’re the bride or a guest? When looking for the perfect outfit there are a few things to consider. First, what time is the event? Commonly, the earlier the shower the more formal it is. Next, where is the bridal shower? Is it at a house or restaurant? If the shower is at a restaurant, dress according to the restaurant. Lastly, consider the bride and her personality when planning your outfit.

My friend Ashley is getting married this fall and I was invited to two of her showers. The first one being at her family member’s house in the afternoon. Ashley wore a white dress with a sheer overlay and comfortable wedges. She also did a great job accessorizing, choosing to wear stacked bracelets and a gold necklace. As a guest, I wore a simple pale pink maxi dress with gold sandals.

The second shower was in the morning at a friend’s condo downtown. Ashley wore a more formal white quilted dress with a black heel. The dress had an embellished neckline, so no necklace was needed. She wore the same stacked bracelets as the previous shower. As a guest at this shower, I choose to wear a fit and flair purple jacquard dress with wedges.

Clothes Mentor CM Blog model wearing white casual dressClothes Mentor CM Blog close-up of model wearing casual white dressClothes Mentor CM Blog model wearing formal white dress to shower Clothes Mentor CM Blog model wearing formal white dress to bridal shower

Both showers were lovely and filled with fashion-forward friends. I can’t wait to pick out a new outfit to wear to Ashley’s wedding!

What did you wear for your wedding showers? Or what have you worn to wedding showers that you’ve attended recently? Share with us in the comments section!

Rachel Pella, CM Blog writer


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Shower Outfit Inspiration for the Bride to Be”

  1. I wore a white dress with wedges and a simple necklace to one of my showers because it was informal at an aunt’s house. I wore a patterned maxi dress to my shower thrown by my friends because we all decided to wear fun dresses! Nice tips!! 🙂

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