Stripes Myth Busted

Have you ever been told not to wear horizontal stripes because they supposedly make you look wider or heavier? Well, I can tell you that’s a lie! Bold stripes can actually be very flattering. In fact, they often highlight your body’s assets and hide what you feel are your flaws. Plus, bold stripes are one of the hottest trends for spring 2016.

Recently I found a dress that fits my body like a glove. Its form-fitting fabric creates an hourglass appearance, and the dark, horizontal stripes both excentuate my curves and draw attention away from all of my lumpy areas. Talk about a win-win!

Clothes Mentor blogger Rachel standing in an ice cream shop wearing a long-sleeve white dress with dark blue thin horizontal stripes and red shoes

Clothes Mentor blogger Rachel close-up profile photo from ribs to thighs wearing the striped dress and holding a thick-striped clutch

Clothes Mentor fashion blogger Rachel standing at counter in ice cream shop wearing long-sleeve white dress with dark-blue, thin horizontal stripes and red shoes, she is holding an ice cream cone

Clothes Mentor blogger Rachel standing at counter at ice cream shop wearing long-sleeve white dress with thin, dark-blue horizontal stripes and red shoes
The stripes on this dress are in two different shades of blue, which adds even more interest, and a fun red zipper runs vertically along the side of the dress for an extra pop of color. I paired the dress with red wedges and a striped wallet. This might be my new favorite outfit for spring!

Here are a few tips to consider when buying stripes:

1. Be sure to focus on quality fabric. The dress shown in the photos, for example, is made of a heavy-duty sweater material, so the horizontal lines stay where they’re supposed to when I wear it.

2. If you’re not quite ready to wear horizontal stripes, try diagonal. Diagonal stripes can be flattering, too. You can even target the diagonal stripes to areas of your body that you want to look slimmer.

3. If you still aren’t up for wearing clothes with stripes, try adding the trend to your outfits with an accessory. Shoes and scarves are fun areas to add colorful stripes.  

Rachel Pella, CM Blog writer

Photography by Maria Castellon


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2 thoughts on “Stripes Myth Busted”

  1. love the dress and the pops of color you added to it with the shoes and just the stand out of the colored zipper..

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