Spring Break Essentials

Here in Minnesota, we get excited when the temperature trends upward, albeit slowly, after the long winter. And when it finally reaches 50 degrees, we put on shorts. Unfortunately, the next day it could plummet below freezing again. Spring weather in unreliable—and mean! That’s why many of us in the Midwest and beyond book trips to someplace warm for spring break. This time of year my only vacation requirements are: a pool, the ocean and sun! What more could a girl need?

So what should you pack for a beach vacation? Not much! I am a very minimal packer, but the following are my essentials:

Clothes Mentor blog small purple suitcase and magazines and camera and passport and sunglasses and phone with headphones


  • Passport – You need a passport to go almost anywhere with a beach.
  • Entertainment – A book, magazines and headphones will keep you busy during a long flight.
  • Sunglasses – A pair should be easily accessible for when you arrive at your sunny destination.

Clothes Mento fashion blog open suitcase with yellow cardigan, makeup bag, sunscreen, brush, swimsuit and black flip flops


  • Shoes – Flip-flops, which are not fancy but do the job, and wedges for dinners and going out.
  • Swimsuits – Bring a few different swimsuits for variety, and make sure you try them on before you leave.
  • Maxi dresses – These are a must. A maxi dress is my all-time favorite article of clothing; nothing beats wearing one comfortable item that always looks great!
  • Cardigan – This will come in handy for when it cools off at night.
  • Shorts and a tank – When you get tired of sitting by the pool and are ready for an adventure, these basics are great for four-wheeling or zip lining or whatever you have planned.


  • Hair product – With the humidity at a warm destination, having your hair look perfect is hard to achieve. My hair always looks great in the hotel room, but then the second I walk outside it’s a frizzy mess. I encourage you to wear your natural hair as much as possible, but pack a defrizzer and hair ties for when your locks just won’t cooperate.
  • Skin care – For my skin, I like to pack a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. I think it looks really natural, giving you protection as well as an early sun-kissed glow before you even hit the beach.  Make sure to bring straight-up sunscreen as well. I apply sunscreen once an hour for the first few days, that way I still get a tan without the painful burn.

Are you planning to go anywhere fun this spring? What are your vacation essentials? Share in the comments below!

Rachel Pella, CM Blog writer

Photography by Maria Castellon


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