I’m Engaged!

Greetings, I have some big news to share…

I’m engaged!  

First off, I want to say my fiancé Alex did the best job asking me to be his wife. He’s awesome! That day we planned to visit Minnehaha Falls, a beautiful park here in Minnesota, to celebrate our family anniversary (one year since getting Aspen). He thought this would be the perfect time and place to propose.

It was pretty much a normal Saturday that began with going to the gym, and we figured we would go walk the falls with Aspen after. It was super-cold out and I said maybe we shouldn’t even go. Alex about died, he later told me. “Put some gloves and a hat on, you’ll be fine,” he said at the time. He also told me I had to be ready to leave for the walk at 2:00 p.m., which I thought was weird because who schedules a walk, but I didn’t think much more of it. Looking back, there were a lot of signs!

When we arrived at the falls, he said he wanted to walk around the park before actually going down to the falls. That was another weird thing because the main point of Minnehaha Falls is to go look at the pretty frozen waterfall.

As we were strolling around the park, Alex randomly walked in front of a lady taking pictures of her friend and I said “Hey, you are being rude.” I also noticed a really cute puppy and went to pet it. After I was done petting the puppy, we turned around and that’s when Alex got down on one knee. I have no clue what he said after “Rachel, I love you.” Turns out, Alex had hired the photographer! He tricked me good! Then my parents showed up (not by coincidence!) and we took a few more pictures and went out for celebratory drinks. It was such a perfect day!

Rachel and Alex laughingRachel and Alex talkingRachel and Alex with AspenRachel and Alex walking on park pathRachel, Alex and Aspen in front of fallsRachel and Alex by creekRachel and her momRachel and her parents


Rachel Pella with fiance Alex     Rachel signature

Photography by Andrea Dobbs


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3 thoughts on “I’m Engaged!”

  1. These photos are awesome! Any guy who wears a Mn North Stars hat is a winner in my book. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Yay! I love it! The pictures are so cute. Congratulations, Rachel! I’m so happy and excited for you two.

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