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Wedding season is here! It could possibly be my favorite time of year. I mean, who doesn’t like dressing up, dancing and enjoying amazing food and drink with friends and family? If you’ve been invited to a wedding and you’re not in the wedding party, you’ll have to find something to wear. The following is my go-to wedding outfit.

Clothes Mentor blogger Rachel in wedding outfit navy dress with lace detail, cream-color purse and gold braceletClothes Mentor blogger Rachel close-up of lace detail on her navy dress wedding outfitClothes Mentor blogger Rachel sitting on bench wearing her navy dress wedding outfit with cream-color purse on bench next to herClothes Mentor blogger Rachel gold bracelet placed in flowers for photoClothes Mentor blogger Rachel close-up of cream-color purse and gold bracelet standing next to display of tulipsClothes Mentor blogger Rachel standing in her wedding outfit navy dress holding cream-color purse next to display of tulipsClothes Mentor blogger Rachel sitting on bench in her navy dress wedding outfit close-up of her laughing and touching lace detail on her shoulder

There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when shopping for an outfit to wear to a wedding:

  1. Don’t wear a white dress. This is the most important rule to follow, unless you were asked to wear white. Let’s keep all of the attention on the bride, not you. Plus, there are plenty of other colors to choose from!
  2. Dress for the occasion. Sometimes wedding invites will include a specific dress code. If so, make sure you follow it. For black tie, you should wear a formal floor-length gown. For dressy casual, you could wear a skirt with a nice top or a dress. For cocktail, wear a little black dress.
  3. Don’t show all of your goods at the same time. Stick to highlighting just one of your assets. For instance, if you have great legs, pick a dress that hits mid-thigh or slightly longer. If you want to show off your back, cover up your chest. You get the idea.

What’s your go-to outfit for a wedding? Share in the comments section.

Rachel Pella, CM Blog writer

Photography by Maria Castellon

Photos for this post were taken at the Macy’s Spring Flower Show in Minneapolis.


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2 thoughts on “Go-To Wedding Outfit”

  1. I have a nice simple dress that has color blocking on it. It’s flattering and meets most dress codes.

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