Don’t Fear the Mix

Don’t fear the mix. Bury the thoughts in your head that say “I can’t…” or “I’m afraid to mix patterns.” Blending textures and prints is an easy way to elevate your wardrobe game.  Add dimension, interest and, most importantly, the “wow” factor to your daily dressing routine with these 6 tips:

1. Baby Steps: Add your pop of pattern with a statement-making scarf, handbag or pair of funky socks. Even a little bit of contrast can go a long way.

2. Texture Time: Experiment with texture. Use the dimension in your clothing to make a statement. Swap your daily denim for a distressed pair. A faux fur jacket paired with joggers and gym shoes works well for a day spent out and about. Guaranteed compliments or your money back.

3. Big and Little: Pair a small print with a large print. The small print acts as your basic while the large print does all the talking. Think thin pinstripes with a big, bold floral.

4. Opposites Attract: A soft, animal-print pattern looks great layered under a plaid sweater; just as an organic floral marries well with a bold stripe. A living, breathing pattern tends to compliment a more linear, rigid design. (This is a very scientific fashion observation. Cool, huh?)

5. We are Family: …I got all my colors with me! Keep it all in the same “color family”. Mix patterns of the same hue. Blacks, whites and grays have a good ol’ time together. Reds, pinks and oranges bring the heat and FUN to your ensemble. Party on!

6. Wear with Confidence: If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not your pattern game. Keep trying; you’ll know it when you see it. It’s right when you feel it. See that smile on that face in the mirror? You nailed the mix.

Next time you grab that basic sweater to top your everyday blue jeans, stop and survey your wardrobe. Seek out the printed items you often hesitate to wear and give them a chance to make your ensemble and your day a bit more interesting. In no time, you’ll feel that an outfit without pattern is like a day without sunshine – and your friends just might start asking you to help them master the mix.

Kelly Boston is a Personal Stylist at Clothes Mentor Arlington Heights, Illinois. In 2011 she created and began freelance styling. Kelly has worked as a brand Ambassador for Eucerin and contributed to several websites including Rad and Refined and Allergan. She’d rather wear upscale resale than anything new and has a weakness for all things faux fur. Make a free appointment to shop with Kelly at Clothes Mentor Arlington Heights via email at:

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