3 Realistic Resolutions

Whoohoo, we survived another year!

Like most of you, looking back on 2015 and all of the things I accomplished got me thinking about setting new goals for the New Year. But instead of coming up with resolutions that I’ll surely drop before January is over (which I often do), I decided to identify realistic goals for 2016 that I know I can achieve.

Clothes Mentor blogger Rachel doing several poses in five photos in a gym room with a blue ball and mirrors, she is wearing blue capris leggings with a pink sports bra and a grey workout tank top over it
Photos taken at Haute Barre in The Shops at West End in St Louis Park, Minnesota

My 2016 goals are are:

  1. Go to the gym at least three times a week
  2. Stop drinking pop
  3. Lose 10 pounds

I’ve never really liked working out, it’s a pain in the butt!
To me, there is nothing worse than leaving your nice, comfy house to fight the cold weather and workout with strangers. But this year is different, I got a jump-start on my gym goal! In November, I joined my local gym for the fourth time, however, unlike my previous attempts, I now have a partner in crime: my boyfriend, who also joined the gym. We hold each other accountable for attending 12 times a month, so we can take advantage of our insurance plans covering some of our membership costs. Some months it’s easy and others it’s tough to fit in 12 trips, but we’re determined to do it.

I also signed up for TEAM fitness class, which meets three times a week at 6:00 a.m. While I am a morning person, 6:00 a.m. is rough sometimes. TEAM  Fitness consists of four to six members and one personal trainer. It’s almost one-on-one without the $100-plus per hour price tag! Physically, it has been challenging; there are some days when it hurts to walk or sit afterward. But I know those are actually the best days because I had a great workout. In just the few months I’ve been going, I’ve noticed my body toning up even though the needle on my scale hasn’t moved. I know that will come a little later in the process and I’m prepared to stick it out. Really, that’s the goal I’m most looking forward to achieving!

To avoid getting bored with my workouts, I intend to try new classes often. For example, the photographs in this post were taken when my coworker convinced me to attend a barre class. It was a little intimidating being the new person in a group of experienced people, but my coworker was there to guide me. It was challenging, my thighs burned the entire time! I’m looking forward to trying more new classes like this in the future.

To stop drinking pop will be the most difficult of my resolutions.
My Diet Mountain Dew habit dates back to high school. After 10-plus years it’s time to kick it for good. Keep in mind, I’ve tried to quit before, but the longest streak I’ve gone without pop is six weeks. I’ve got to exercise some major willpower with this one. Seriously, wish me luck!

Losing 10 pounds is my last goal, and I feel like it’s well within reach.
Though I’m prone to terrible eating habits, I have recently been making strides toward eating healthier. Also, resolutions one and two, going to the gym on a regular basis and quitting my pop-drinking habit, will certainly help me to reach the goal of losing some extra weight!

Here’s to achieving new goals in the New Year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress throughout 2016. Stay tuned!

Rachel Pella, CM Blog writer

Photography by Maria Castellon


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