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Clothes Mentor South Windsor Highlighted on Local News

Watch this video to see what new styles are coming and going at Clothes Mentor South Windsor. Also, owner Wendy Upton walks us through an example of what she would pay a customer for a basket of gently used items.

Maternity Style for Less

Few instances in life do you wear an entirely new wardrobe for as little time as when you are pregnant. To the woman carrying the baby, maternity may seem like an eternity, but in real time, it’s not even nine months that you’ll need specially designed clothes to fit your rapidly changing body. (Of course, […]

$$$ Money! Money! Money!….and Clothes, Shoes, and Purses! $$$

Here’s a great blog post on Clothes Mentor from fan Melissa Auvil about the West Chester and Springfield, Pennsylvania stores. In her interview with owner Chris Barnett, some top tips are shared on the process – and the great deals you can get on high quality, gently-used designer apparel and accessories that are like new. As Auvil says, […]

CM 2015: Wear A Smile!

In the third of three Clothes Mentor’s commercials, you can see the great outfits you can find at Clothes Mentor. When you’re looking for high-end designer apparel, shoes, and accessories at a fraction of the retail price, look no further than Clothes Mentor. Our pieces are gently-used, like new, and sometimes you can even find a […]

Announcing the Clothes Mentor App!

At Clothes Mentor we have an exciting new tool to make shopping at the stores even easier! It’s our first official Clothes Mentor mobile app! Once you download the Clothes Mentor app, you will be able to do all these things from your phone or tablet: Search Store Locator to find a store near you. […]