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WBTV in Charlotte Talks Clothes Mentor and New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t have your New Year’s resolutions nailed down yet? It’s not too late to go with the old standbys: get more organized and make more money. And Clothes Mentor can help you achieve both! Watch this video from WBTV in Charlotte to find out how.

Cash in Your Closet New Year’s Resolution on WTNH-TV

Whether you’re a fan of resolutions or not, the New Year never fails to get us thinking about the future. For many, that includes money. Check out this video about how Clothes Mentor can help you find cash in your closet in 2016. Click here to read the article.

Winter Fashions from Clothes Mentor Featured on Glass City Grind

Watch the video below to see what’s trending this season. Check out winter fashions from Clothes Mentor such as faux fur, casual skirts, sparkly LBDs, and more. And you’ve got to check out the male host’s reaction to Clothes Mentor prices at about the 4:20 minute mark. It’s priceless. Have you ever had a similar […]

Clothes Mentor Mishawaka Talks Fashion on WNDU in Indiana

Watch the video by Indiana news station WNDU, which features Clothes Mentor Mishawaka store owner Stephanie McCoy and Tricia Harte: See the article on WNDU here. Check out the Clothes Mentor Mishawaka, Indiana, store page.

Learn Holiday Fashion Tips in This Video Featuring Clothes Mentor Tyler, Texas

Watch the video by Texas news station FOX51, which features Kathy Bosley of Clothes Mentor Tyler, Texas: See the article on FOX51 here. Check out the Clothes Mentor Tyler, Texas store page.