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How To Audit Your Closet

Sara Rogers, trend expert for the Mall of America and wardrobe consultant, mentioned Clothes Mentor in a recent Facebook post about how to audit your closet. Check out the post below. CLOSET AUDIT TIPS: By Sara Rogers Step A. Place your clothing into these 3 piles: Clothes you love, feel confident in, and wear it all […]

Tips for Layering Fall Colors and Patterns from Clothes Mentor Tyler

Watch as Clothes Mentor Tyler shares ideas for layering your favorite fall colors in this video. Plus, what to wear to be comfortable during your Black Friday shopping later this week! Check out the video now: * All Clothes Mentor stores are independently owned and operated and promotions will vary by location.

Halloween Outfits You Can Wear to Work

Check out some amazing work-appropriate Halloween outfits from Clothes Mentor created by The Cheerful Closet blog. Such perfect ideas! Click here to see even more photos and tips on The Cheerful Closet. CM Remix: Work-Appropriate Halloween As a kid, Halloween was often a compromise. Every once in a while we would get a store-bought costume, […]

Clothes Mentor Charlotte: How Much Could I Get for This?

Local news personalities bring a few of their personal clothing items to the set during a spot featuring Clothes Mentor Charlotte. Watch the video to find out if their items would be accepted in the store and how much money they would get for each piece.

Clothes Mentor Stores in Ohio Encourage Closet Cleanse

What is a closet cleanse? It’s a start at getting more organized in 2016—and it’s a way to make some extra cash at Clothes Mentor. Watch the video to find out more.