Used Scarves, Resale Scarves

Scarves are one of the most popular accessories, and have migrated from winter outfits to be a staple of summer style as well. Scarves come in all shapes and sizes, from light numbers to add color to an outfit, to thick winter scarves for keeping you warm and fashionable. Clothes Mentor stores carry a selection of scarves from top designers and stores, including Burberry, Express, and more. Stop in and find the one that fits your needs and adds a new dimension and layer to your style.


Sell Scarves: Cash for Scarves

We are always looking for new scarves of all styles to carry in our stores. When you bring in your “gently-used” scarves and other accessories, you can turn old styles into fresh cash at our resale store! Life is always changing, and your wardrobe should be able to follow you through the changes. No matter what new experiences life may present to you, you can find affordable styles, and an excellent variety of clothes, jewelry, and accessories at Clothes Mentor. You can also follow stores on Facebook to stay updated on new product arrivals and deals!