Lilly Pulitzer

Used Lilly Pulitzer Clothing

Lilly Pulitzer was known as the Queen of Prep. Her unique style and eye for design started from selling orange juice, where she thought of designing a bright floral dress to hide the stains.  Her designs were always full of color and prints. After her death in 2013, the company has continued her bright, fresh designs – and her preppy style remains timeless and always on-trend. 


We Buy Used Lilly Pulitzer Clothing

We are always looking for new Lilly Pulitzer styles to carry in our store. When you bring in your “gently-used” Lilly Pulitzer clothing, you can turn old styles into new cash with our resale store! Life is always changing, and your wardrobe should be able to follow you through the changes. No matter what new experiences life may present to you, you can find affordable styles and an excellent variety of Lilly Pulitzer clothing at Clothes Mentor. You can also follow stores on Facebook to stay updated on new product arrivals and deals!