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Welcome to Clothes Mentor! We are a Women’s second-hand clothing store for all women. Our store carries sizes 0-26 so that every woman can benefit from great clothes at an even better price. All day of every day our stores offer cash for used clothes on-the-spot. Beyond that, you can purchase “gently-used” women’s fashions and accessories at better brand names.

What Can You Do?

Sell Clothes to us.

What Can We Do?

Buy your clothes and give you cash for them and we also sell gently used items in our store.

Unlike a consignment shop where you may wait weeks to receive payment, you can get your cash in hand that day.  Our fashion clothes retail store is different than others in that we pay you immediately for items that we would like to purchase because we understand that your life and trends are always changing and with that change comes a need for an expanded and diverse wardrobe.

Here are Clothes Mentor Alliance, we help you meet your everyday lifestyle needs by growing and adapting your wardrobe in the most cost-effective way possible. You can sell your gently used clothes that you no longer wear anymore to us, get your cash the same day, and even do a little shopping. You may not wear that blouse anymore, but you might want some gently used ones to replace the ones you just got rid of.

Come check out Clothes Mentor Alliance for the latest fashion clothes, accessories, and footwear. You’ll find the best brand names and finest used-clothes all for a great price Come on down!