How It Works

Clean Closet
Start by going through your closet and deciding what you are not wearing. We like to use the rule of thumb that if you have not worn it in the last 6 months to a year it might be time to let it go. Remember just because it is not right for you it might be perfect for someone else. We are looking for apparel sizes 0-26, maternity, and petites, business and casual.
Things to look for are

  • Condition - we are looking for items that are in good condition - free of wear, tears, and stains
  • Style - we are looking for items that are currently styles that have been present in the malls within the last few years
  • You will want to make sure the items are freshly laundered
Bring Them In
Once you have gone through everything… don’t forget your shoes, handbags and accessories, you simply need to put them in a bin or laundry basket and bring them in. We know you are busy so you never need an appointment and we buy EVERY DAY.
Once you get to Clothes Mentor we will go through your items and prepare a quote. 

See how easy it is to get cash for your clothes!

Remember to bring in your ID when you come in to help us process your buy more efficiently as we will need that to get started. When we are preparing a quote for your items we are pricing the items using our amazing computer system. We price items at about 1/3 of the original retail and then we will offer you about 1/3 of that. Once you have entered in all of the items we are able to purchase from you, we will present you with an offer. This process usually takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the number of buys ahead of you. If you choose to accept the offer you will be paid CASH on-the-Spot or you can apply that cash toward any purchase you might be making.

See it’s EASY! So get started… your closet and your wallet will thank you! Best of all you can feel good that you are recycling! Remember we are looking for women’s clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories that are in gently used and like new condition. Thanks for taking the time to read these quick tips and we look forward to seeing you soon!