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Clothes Mentor is a Womens Resale store for all women sizes 0-26, petites and maternity. All day, every day in our stores, we pay you CASH on-the-spot, to purchase your better brand-name “gently-used” womens fashions and accessories. Unlike a consignment shop, where you may wait weeks to receive payment… we are different in that we pay you immediately for items that we would like to purchase. We understand that your life is always changing and that those changes bring on new needs for your wardrobe. We help you meet your everyday lifestyle changes by growing and adapting your wardrobe in the most cost-effective way possible…RESALE. We buy and then resell your better brand name, “gently-used” items that are in style and in good condition – business and casual, smart and stylish apparel, shoes, purses and accessories. Our stores are clean, bright, organized and sophisticated… just like our customers.

Personal Shopping Program

Fashion should be fun, but with our busy lives it’s often hard to have the time to invest in your style. To make it easier and more enjoyable, Clothes Mentor offers personal shoppers to assist you with your fashion choices, and help you put great outfits together. You can relax and enjoy the special 1 hour treatment – for FREE!  To find out more about this service go to our personal shopper page under SHOP.  Or click on the BOOK NOW box on the left side of the page to schedule an appointment.

In-Store Credit

Although Cash On-the-Spot is always a good thing, you can also get in-store credit when you bring in your in-style, gently-used designer pieces to sell to us. For what we choose to buy, you have the option of being paid with in-store credit…and we’ll give you a 25% bonus to spend in the store for some like-new pieces for your wardrobe!

Club CM

Did you know we have a great club you can join that will earn you points towards your purchases? Clothes Mentor’s Club CM is a great way to earn points on all of your purchases at our store. How does it work?

  • Earn one style point for every dollar you spend at Clothes Mentor.
  • When you earn 250 style points, we’ll send you a 20% reward certificate.

Click here to check your CM CLUB REWARDS total.

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#llbean size S $14 #clothesmentorroseville #resalestore

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#marcjacobs top size M $15 NWT | #pikolinos heels size 6.5 $40 NWT ☀️🌸☀️🌸 #clothesmentorroseville

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Clothes Mentor Roseville

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#toms size 9 $20 #loft #scarf $8 #clothesmentorroseville #breezydays 🌬🌬

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#plaid #tommyhilfiger skit size 2 $12 | #ralphlauren heels size 7.5 $20 | #marcbymarcjacobs #designerhandbag $50 #clothesmentorroseville #resalestore 🌸🌸